Brand Protection

Protect your brand from marketplace mayhem.

Amazon is full of unauthorized resellers, counterfeit products, and customer confusion. At reCommerce, our brand protection team uses proven legal and investigative tactics to help you take control of your brand. It’s about identifying diverters, preventing price erosion, and cleaning up the market. Together, we’ll create a confusion-free shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

What's included:

A Legal Foundation

Our brand protection program starts with a suite of documents that sets the stage for swift action, establishing the legal foundation we need to remove unauthorized sellers and regain control of your brand. We take it one listing at a time, tailoring our approach to ensure your products are protected from day one.

,Protect and Profit

After we’ve taken control of your brand on Amazon, it’s our job to help you keep it. Our in-house team combines proprietary monitoring technology with traditional methods, like test buys and lot tracking, to solve problems before they impact sales. No matter what approach we take, we identify unauthorized sellers and keep the market clean.

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